COMPANHIA ATLÂNTICA started out developing candles fragranced with nationally iconic aromas – Portuguese wines. Leveraged by the success of this collection, we took the chance to expand to adjacent areas of ceramics and textiles.

As quickly as the brand has grown and continued to evolve, so did the ambition to further create unique and outstanding products and to excel in response to our customers needs.


COMPANHIA ATLÂNTICA was inspired by the warmth of Portuguese tradition coupled with the passionate will to explore the unknow. As settled in our history, the Atlantic Ocean was always the gate to the world, where sailors found wonders in vastly different cultures. Taking in the inspiration from different parts of the world, COMPANHIA ATLÂNTICA embraces such spirited identity in reinterpreting traditional products.


The STORE.COMPANHIAATLANTICA.PT is a household goods supplier striving to deliver you the ultimate lifestyle. We seek to provide the best shopping experience and commit to give our full attention to our customers, assuring the highest quality of the products and service.

Where we are

Rua Comandante João Belo 45 3º Esq.
2400-159 Leiria – Portugal
Tel: +351 244 049 402

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